Alison Clement

observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>The Self Absorbed Writer

My day job is at an elementary school library. I say I’m a librarian because functionally that’s what I am, but I’m not a real, honest- to- God librarian with a degree in library science. The schools don’t hire librarians like that because then they’d have to pay them a regular, middle-class wage.

I read books and I write them. I don’t write children’s books although a reviewer suggested (in a rather mean- spirited way, I must say) that I might try it. Writing about children is not at all the same as writing for children. First of all. Also, I’m interested in adult relationships, adult problems, and adult flaws. I’m interested in the way that good and evil set side by side. This blog is not going to be all about me. I told Chuck that there is no one more self-absorbed than a writer with a newly published book. I asked him if I’m talking about myself too much and he said no, but he’d tell me if I started to.

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  1. >”Twenty Questions” has really pulled me in. I spent all weekend with it and couldn’t put it down (although a small voice in my head kept saying “Hey! Shouldn’t you be outside?”)

  2. >that’s what I think while I’m writing, too

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