Alison Clement

observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>Sister Agatha and the Danger of Reading

I wonder sometimes if my old Sister Agatha didn’t serve me well by warning me against reading too much— you know what can happen if you read too much of the wrong thing? You could get pregnant. You could drop out of the church and become a communist. Wow. Talk about enticing a young girl to read!

Categories: books, Catholic Church

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  1. >Well, dear, you know how I feel about books. They are dusty, heavy. and full of strange words and dirty stories. There is a sliver moon out tonight and my thoughts wander to Islam. I’m reading the Life of Pi. The cresent is thier moon and I wonder why? Maybe I should google it? Nice to see you are working. Check out my school. Our primary goal is to put money into the pockets of artists. Crazy, huh? Strangely enough it is working. Best of luck on your blog. I tend to rant on DailyKos but I will try to bring folks over to say Hi. Your beloved Reverend,billy

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