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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>they don’t deserve books

Today I bought two books at the library book sale: Sister Noon by Karen Joy Fowler and Tales of the Master Raceby Marcie Hershman. They were $3 each. The woman next to me said to her husband, “Three dollars for a paperback! That’s ridiculous. I can get them for nothing at the Senior Center.” Three lousy dollars for a whole book. Since when did people start thinking they shouldn’t pay for books? How do they think publishers and writers and printers and booksellers and all the people who work to make a book get paid? Plus, it was a benefit for the library, for crying out loud. Come on.

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  1. >Cheap old bastards! When I used to wait on old people, they’d nickel and dime with tips as well.I like the title: “They don’t deserve books.”

  2. >They weren’t even old, Crallspace. They were middle aged, dressed in middle class outfits!Did you go to the Fall Festival? I was there, handing out Edwards flyers.

  3. >I missed the Fall Fest. I think I’ll recognize you when I see you.I’ve seen the Edwards emails on nowar, but am sticking to Kucinich at least til after the primaries. I don’t like any of the others- Edwards is slightly tolerable, but still not my type of guy. I am sick of rich white men and establishmentarians.

  4. >Edwards is right on labor and right on the environment and almost right on Iraq. I heard someone on KGO say one night that sure Kucinich says all the right things, but it’s because he’s not a viable candidate. He doesn’t have anything to lose. “So it’s not exactly profiles in courage.” I like the guy, but I like Edwards too, and he can win and no matter what anybody says, winning is important.

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