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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>not our fault

Today I heard an NPR report about US troops shooting and then bombing a group of Iraqis, killing 27 people. They blew up houses. They flew over, shooting people as they ran or cowered behind walls. It turns out that it was all a mistake, although they didn’t call it a mistake. It was due to faulty intelligence, but it was a “good shoot,” according to a commanding officer. Well, that’s a relief anyway.

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  1. >Dear Alison: I like your bitter sense of humor. It’s hard to not express some sarcasm over the idea of a “good shoot.” I can’t find your email address! After only 12 hours! That’s what I call “competence.” Do you really have my $60 book on your table (re your prior post about book-award nominees)? It’s awfully expensive. You could have gotten a Volvo for little more. I’m flattered. Yours, Joel Preston Smith

  2. >Joel, Did I tell you how much I enjoyed your reading? I am usually so self-absorbed as I prepare to read that I can’t hear anyone else…..I’m afraid I lied about the book. As much as I preach about the importance of supporting writing through buying books (and not for 69 cents on Amazon either!) I get many of mine at the library. I am a librarian, after all, so maybe it can be forgiven.Yours in on order. I wish your photographs could be in every newspaper, reminding us that the Iraqis have faces too. The email

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