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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>Avoiding the Appearance of Shameless Self Promotion

Regarding the name of my old blog, “Leftedge Suzy.”

Okay, my sister says: what the hell does that mean, left edge suzy? She’s from Texas and they are very literal. Also, this is how she said it: wut the hail duz thet me-un?
And here is the answer: I don’t want to give the blog my own name because that seems narcissistic, but maybe personal blogs are inherently narcissistic and who am I fooling?
I named it left edge because I live in Oregon and Oregon is the left edge of the map. There used to be, by the way, a great newspaper put out by Billy Hults in Cannon Beach, Oregon, called The Upper Left Edge, but I didn’t copy him.
Suzy is the name of the character in the first short story I ever wrote, Suzy Joins the Sex Club.Even though I think Suzy is dead wrong about feelings being the most important thing in the world, I do admire her honest passion and I like her name.

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