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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>touring in N.Bend

Last week I gave readings, along with other Oregon Book Award winner/nominees, in N Bend and Eugene. The picture above was taken in N. Bend: Ben Saunders, Paul Merchant, myself and Shannon Riggs. The tour was fun. (As fun as something like that can be for an agorophobic like me.) The best part was the other authors and their wives and Susan Denning, who arranged everything.
ps support the arts: buy their books

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  1. >Where is N. Bend? North part of Bend, OR? North Bend on the coast?

  2. >On the coast. The N. Bend library on the coast. Coffee the next day at Collette’s Bookstore/Bakery and then home, along the ocean. Thanks, Pril.

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