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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>Three Cups of Tea

When it was first published a couple years ago, I heard David Oliver Relin talk about his book, Three Cups of Tea. Three Cups of Tea,if somehow you haven’t heard, is the true story of David and his friend, Greg Mortenson, building schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I thought it was the kind of important book that gets overlooked, that falls to the wayside, that publishers don’t think to promote, that reviewers ignore, that stores don’t stock. I thought I’d never hear another word about it. Was I ever wrong. Yesterday it hit #1 on the NY Times Best Seller list. Congratulations, David Oliver Relin.

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  1. >My wife did this book for her book club here in san diego last month.I did not read it but all I remember is her talking about his initial naivete of the area.

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