5 thoughts on “>Britney Spears of politics

  1. >She isn’t our Saviour, just a “pretty woman” refreshing the Republican party. Had Obama picked Hillary he would have gotten a woman, but not the woman. I certainly don’t believe in voting just because Palin is a woman, but shes young, interesting, educated, a fantastic speaker and she can learn to give her life for America (from McCain). Hummm, exciting election, huh?

  2. >I thought maybe you were going to comment about creepy-twangy-girl’s favorite authors (mentioned during an interview in Charlie Rose’s Green Room): C.S. Lewis (deep!) and George Sheehan (the self-help columnist from Runner’s World).

  3. >A pretty woman who doesn’t believe in global warming, supports McCain’s war-mongering policies, can’t name more than one Supreme Court decision, doesn’t support a rape victim’s right to choose, doesn’t understand foreign policy, believes the end of the world will occur during her lifetime and appears to be willing to do her part to make it happen, a woman who believes the earth is a few thousand years old, who belongs to a church that kills women as witches, a woman who promises special needs parents that they’ll have an ally in the White House but won’t help to make sure that their children have access to health insurance– in short a woman who will bring us nothing but 4 more years of what we’ve already had. Another Cheney, although not as smart as him, and at least with Cheney, you can look at his face and see what you’re getting. We need more than someone who’s able to give a good Toastmaster speech, Carolyn.

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