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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>my swarthy ethnic niece

My niece showed me a blog in which someone accuses her of being a “Swarthy Ethnic.” She is pretending to be white, the blogger says. He includes the photograph above,  my niece in an ad for Powell’s Books, saying,  “Note above, at first you see the long blond tresses and think Swedish Girl! Nope! look closer, she is olive skinned, brown-eyed and belongs to the new group of Fake Blonds. It is not an accident Powell’s has a hispanic or polynesian with fake blond hair on the front page. I find it interesting that as White people are shut out by the Media and Corporate American, the Swarthy Ethnics have co-opted our exclusive hair color of blond.”

Brother! My niece is a blue-eyed pale-skinned German/Irish and, yes, Swedish girl. Although, really: so what?

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  1. >Not that I don’t like the rest of it, but I really like the punctuation of the last sentence. Yeah.

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