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>easy to be mean

I just finished reading Anne Lamott’s book about grace. I’ve resisted reading her  books because everyone I know says they are great and I will love them, and I hate people telling me what I will love. I finished it last night and went to Good Reads to write a little review, now that I am such a big Anne Lamott fan and want to be her best friend, and I was stunned by the shitty reviews people gave her book. Shitty and mean spirited. Yes, it is much easier to be clever and funny when you are being mean. This is not fair, but it is true. It’s something we need to understand and to resist.

I was tempted to begin a new blog which would consist only of the most ignorant online book reviews I can find— but I already have one website and THREE blogs (this blog, a library lesson plan blog, and a pit bull blog.) I’m like the character in The Golden Notebook who keeps many notebooks, one for each aspect of herself, until finally she combines all the notebooks into one, the golden notebook, and that means she’s integrated. I’m not going to combine my library and dog blogs with this one, but I will include this Good Reads review (by Robin) of Catcher in the Rye.

“Is there a theme to this book at all? Is there any point to the story?”
For crying out loud! (My editorial comment.)

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  1. >You just finished Lamott’s book, and I just got it. I wasn’t even looking at it. It was just laying on its side at the library, and I browsed through it and enjoyed the sincerity and the humor.

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