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my question about the Iranian election

Today BBC had a program discussing Iran’s election. I sent this question and they read it on the air……….

How can we have a discussion about the stolen election in Iran without mentioning the two stolen elections in the US? The primary difference seems to be that the Iranian people are more serious about democracy than we Americans.

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  1. >But what was the response from the hosts of the program? Inquiring minds want to know!Also, that's really cool.

  2. >First they said it was a topic for a different program, and then they chuckled in a way that seemed to say, "No shit." Or maybe I just imagined that last part.

  3. >Hooray for you, asking this very important question. Important to keep in mind that there were many people in the U.S., relatively as many as in Iran, who stood up and said NO, who threw eggs at the 2001 inauguration, who were appalled by the theft of our democracy by Bush & Co. But since Americans were left to their own devices after Bush stole two elections (the rest of the world just did not make a big deal out of the theft, or was not paying attention), I want to know why the rest of the world doesn't leave Iran alone. It is their civil disturbance; they will work it out. We did! And why does the world seem to know about what's happening in Iran but not in the U.S.? Could it be that the opposition forces in Iran have gotten a helping hand?

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