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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately


24 June from Portland Airport

You’d think I was awaiting execution, instead of the dream trip of my life, for all the worrying I’ve done. My naturopath says that anxiety and feelings of dread are not necessarily normal, which is news to me.

28 June on the ferry between Newhaven and Dieppe
I guess I had imagined an open air boat, windy and crowded, huddling around cars, but the ferry across the English Channel is dignified, big, and comfortable. I’m sitting on what seems to be the 6th floor, by a window. I can see two boats in the distance. Two young English children sit behind me, with their boisterous voices and sweet British accents. When I feel braver, I’ll get a cup of coffee.
I’ve been visiting friends in Lewes, England, former home of Thomas Paine, taking walks by the River Ouse with my friend Rachel and her dog. Rachel is the great granddaughter of Roger Fry, but when we went on a tour of the Bloomsbury Estate, she would not let me say it.

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  1. >Of course feelings of anxiety and dread are normal. Of course they are. They are constant. Either there is an impending event (eg trip to Europe) in which case dread is naturally at the fore as so much could go disastrously wrong, or there is no impending event. In this case, anxiety predominates. Anxiety that one is a sad, friendless, aimless sort of person. This must be normal.

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