the unconscious mind reveals itself


When I was eleven, I developed a phobia about being buried alive. Freud said that the fear of being buried alive is a distorted desire to return to the womb, but my friend Louise who was schizophrenia said that obviously it’s the fear of being out of anyone’s reach and beyond their concern.

2 thoughts on “the unconscious mind reveals itself

  1. >My great uncle was schizophrenic (he died quite some years ago, unmarried, no children) Learing about psychological and behavioural disorders, mental disturbance and of course, sexual theories (Freud) in A-Level psychology lessons was somewhat interesting; it fascinated me on all levels and continues to do so. A particularly engaging and startling subject. But, to have it more widely acknowledged and learnt about will hopefully and eventually erase some of the stigma attached to living with a mental illness. Just think of how many people suffer from anorexia nervosa alonse, for example?Thank-you for highlighting this issue even if I have, perhaps drifted from the path! Hope your sister is well. Follow me at: Look forward to the next post. Intersting reads so far. x

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