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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

do we have to talk about it all the time?


 The men at the next table are talking about their weight. They are average-sized, middle-age men, drinking coffee. They are talking about the calories in various foods, about gaining a pound but then losing it again, about the best time to weigh yourself. My word. I thought only women had to have conversations like this.

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  1. >I guess this shows insecurity isn't gender biased?

  2. >Men are worse than women, I have began to believe. They love to gossip but think it's just talking. Love to reveal things that they think people already know. And they love to think women are bad for doing these things but they are the same as what men do, they just don't consider them to be! Rant over. This is very insightful and I love to be nosy too (another thing men are brilliant at). Great blog. Take a look at mine and follow at: x

  3. >Very effeminate indeed… ugh.What Jessica says is true about us, though we'd never admit it. NEVER! We'd die before admitting it … oops … what's that make me … oh dear…I'm lucky I don't have the luxury of involving myself with gluttony … so I never have to worry about weight because I'm a rail. Although it's not very healthy, I'm sure…- Bubba, the homeless blogger

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