electronic publishing

In response to my last post, reader Miriam Sagan asked what the alternative to electronic self-publishing is– oh, we have to think of a better term, that one is way too long. The other choice? The other choice is to spend who knows how much time looking for an agent and then finally, if I find one, wait for them to try to sell my manuscript. Maybe I get lucky and they manage to find a publisher. Then I take whatever terms are offered because I’m so grateful that someone wants it. Then I wait two more years for the book to come out and spend a month or so in stores before it disappears. I’m not sure that’s the best route anymore.  I’ve been reading everything Barry Eisler writes about electronic self-publishing, oh that term again! I want what’s best for my writing. That’s my starting point.

One thought on “electronic publishing

  1. Hi Alison. I was trying to find out what you’ve been up to lately, and came across your blog. I’ve got a publishing project I’m exploring that I think you might be interested in. Send me an email!
    Craig Danner

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