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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

and then she winked

I’m on page 82 of my revision, but I’m not in the mood of the novel. Sometimes I can listen to music and get in a mood that way.

Frieda decides to run away from home. What song would it be?

On the radio this morning an actor described making a film about the rape of Nanking. He worried because the actresses were required to cry so much and he said prolonged emotion is hard on actors but then, as he watched, one of the girls turned to him and winked. Can you do it even when don’t feel it? Larry McMurtry said he hated writing Lonesome Dove, but how could he not enjoy writing something that is such a pleasure to read?

It’s flooding in Oregon. The school where I work is an evacuation center. It’s selfish, but I love big weather. I wouldn’t feel this way if it were my family washed away or my home or anyone I knew or maybe if I had more imagination or heart.

Virginia Woolf said that we should write what interests us, what moves us. I ran away from home when I was fifteen, but now it feels like someone else.

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2 replies

  1. Oh Alison, you’re working on another novel?? Gone to Pisgy? I’ll be first in line to buy it and we’ll fly you here for a book talk.

    A lot has changed since you left town, but then again maybe not so much. The little red house on Willy St is now a Costa Rican restaurant. I know too much about that building to go in there to eat. Yuck.

    xoxoxox Laura

  2. Gone to Pisgy eventually became Pretty is as Pretty Does, but I do like the Pisgy name better.

    Oh, I’m always writing a new novel. Right now I’m writing a Young Adult novel based on the Tarot cards, called The 5 1/2 Senses of Frieda LaVelle. Or sometimes she is named Sophie. The novel is based on the first card of the Major Arcana, the Fool card. At one time I imagined writing a novel for each of the major cards but there are 22 of them, and that’s too many. Sasha is collaborating with me. Sasha is an idea/plot generator. If there is a job in which someone is asked simply to come up with ideas, Sasha should be hired for it.

    Is the Willy Street Health clinic still there? I miss riding my bike along the river. I miss State Street and the Willy Bear bar and you.

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