Sacred Heart

March 26, from Charleston, SC

I’m eavesdropping on the people at the next table. The woman is telling the man the name of her five pets: Otis, Milo, Lucky, Fritz, Lola. At first I thought she was being interviewed for a job. Now I wonder if this is what an iHarmony type date sounds like.

I love southern food. I love the smell and feel of the air. I love the voices of the people here.

We went to my old grade school, Sacred Heart. A small brick building with palm trees out front.It is odd to have a memory for so long and then finally see that remembered thing. I went to another Sacred Heart too, in Savannah, and it is where Flannery O’Connor went to the school. I told Chuck that her writing is influenced by her Catholicism, but I couldn’t explain how. Each of her stories has a moment of grace. I remember reading that but, as I explained to Chuck, it’s often hard to see what that moment of grace is.

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