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must read more Chekov, for one thing

>tourist in Barcelona   I am looking again at my manuscript which Jessica said is too “dark,” a complaint I can’t understand. And I am thinking of how to edit a short piece I wrote which was inspired by Walter Pater’s Child in the House, but I wonder if it’s too obscure. I want to rewrite my unpublished novel, The Only Home I Have, so that all the minor characters don’t seem like cliches. I want to rewrite my novel draft, The Secret Bible Club, based on the American Eugenics Movement, so that the front story is at least as interesting as the back story. I want to develop a collection of short stories, but first I need to read more Chekov. I want to finish my book about Ten Mile. I want to write a screenplay. I just want to be a writer. But I need to work in the garden and I want to play with the baby and I need to cook and I want to organize my closet. And I have to finish my syllabus for class, which starts Monday.

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  1. You should definitely work in the garden and play with the baby and cook!

  2. Yes, the writers dilemma. And to add to your list, I run my own business and want to hike and learn to kayak. But since it’s Oregon and the soil is just perfect for weeding as was the weather, today I alternated between writing and filling four trugs with blooming dandelions. They are not going to win this year. Next year there will be fewer of them. And my Herding Kittens memoir will be finished.

    I am looking forward to reading the Ten Mile book when you have it done.

  3. “Too dark” is never a bad thing in the hardboiled, noir, and western world I roam. Hope all the above works out for you. I happened to hit Next Blog (which I never do) and landed here. Glad I did.

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