I am not improving myself.


I read a Facebook post by a guy from Europe about the way Americans ride our bikes. Fast and joyless, like we are in race. We do this for no reason,  without thinking, because hurrying is automatic, it’s what we do. We turn things into a race, into a chore, a goal, into what’s good for us, into self-improvement. So after that FB post, I changed. Now I leave earlier. I go slow. I don’t think about burning calories or improving  my muscle tone. I let everybody pass me. For a little while each day I look at my neighbors’ gardens, the trees turning colors, kids at the park, the sky. I am not racing. I am not improving myself. I am riding my bike.

2 thoughts on “I am not improving myself.

  1. Very well said, Alison. The whole of American society is built on that “hurry, accomplish!” principle. It’s utterly out of sync with human nature. No wonder we are always so angry and screwed up in this country.

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