flip phone

man_ray_--_desroches_didier_ie_paul_eluard_(1895-1952_le_temps_deborde_d5433868hI recently sent off a manuscript I’d worked on for years. I worked on it for so long that when I started, social media wasn’t a big deal. When I started, the sexy actress was Kate Hudson. There was no Instagram. One character is stalking another one without Google. So that story had to change. (Also, by the way, we have to set our stories before 2017 now or they get upended by trump.) So now I’ve started working on another unfinished manuscript and some guy just pulled out his flip phone.

One thought on “flip phone

  1. LOL … there are still a bunch of us “oldies” who still have Flip Phones, and no data, by choice. Its really nice to be untethered from the madness.

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