Alison Clement

observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately



The hardest part of being Catholic is the Catholic relationship to suffering. Suffering burns off sin, we are taught. Suffering is a thing that saves us. It’s an offering we make. I wake at night thinking now about the children we’ve put in cages, and it hits me as if new. Why torment yourself? What purpose does it serve? No one cares about your grief here. God does not care about that. And your grief does not absolve you. Don’t imagine that it does.

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  1. I think the purpose is to prod us that we can not sit on the sidelines and do nothing – if we can’t go there and help, we Must march, make calls, write, join groups that are working to make change, pray – DO Something. We each much lite one candle …. there are no excuses for doing nothing – or just feeling grief about it … “All it takes for evil to reign is for a few good (hu)mens to do nothing”

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