Alison Clement

observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately


don’t be a hater

> Today I was using the Google to look for an old friend named Amos Zook but instead found an account of that massacre of Amish school girls—remember? Little girls were lined up at their blackboard and executed by a man they knew, a man who delivered milk to their families. How could I have forgotten that?  How could such a crime be absorbed and then set aside?

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yes, I’m a hyprocrite.

> At the co-op today four people were talking about their droids, which are phones, in case you don’t know, and what their droids could do and their droids and their droids and their droids. I was getting peppercorns for Chicken Abodbo, which I’m going to make this afternoon, and I thought all people ever talk about is their stuff. They fill their conversations and their imaginations and thoughts with […]

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the day I fell in love and lost all hope of earning a living wage

I hardly knew Chuck when he came to the bar where I worked years ago and gave me a copy of Ivan Illich’s book, Deschooling Society. I read it and dropped out of college. Illich, in case you don’t know, argues that education isn’t really about learning but about maintaining class structure. More broadly, he argues against experts mediating and defining our experience. Chuck says that if he had his […]

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