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observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

electronic publishing

not always Plan B

I’m thinking of publishing my new book, Watching Rhonda Honey, myself as an e-book. Barry Eisler points out that an electronic book is still a book, still a story, just a different delivery system. He turned down a half a million dollar contract so he could publish his latest book himself electronically. Self-publishing is different now.  It is not always Plan B.

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>they don’t deserve books

Today I bought two books at the library book sale: Sister Noon by Karen Joy Fowler and Tales of the Master Raceby Marcie Hershman. They were $3 each. The woman next to me said to her husband, “Three dollars for a paperback! That’s ridiculous. I can get them for nothing at the Senior Center.” Three lousy dollars for a whole book. Since when did people start thinking they shouldn’t pay […]

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>not because chomsky needs the 80 cents

Yesterday I bought twenty novels at the library book sale. I bought The Tortilla Curtain by TC Boyle and two books by Elizabeth Bowen. I bought Zorba the Greek, House of Sand and Fog, The Temple of My Familiar. I bought three books by one of my favorite writers, Kent Haruf. I bought Dorothy West, Raymond Carver, James Elroy and Katherine Porter. I bought a book by Louis de Bernieres, […]

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