>perfect: the enemy of the good

I got this in my email today, from the “no war” listserv, “Granted, Obama has far more charisma- but so did Ted Bundy! Oregon is a true-blue state, therefore safe to vote your ideals. Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader are both on the ballot.” As if my ideals are ego-mania and self-defeating political correctness.

>do a google search

I’ve been watching newscasts of McCain rallies. People are saying that Obama is a terrorist. Whatever that means. He is Muslim. He is an Arab. Who are these people? Don’t they know how to find information? Don’t they know how to do a Google search?

>obliterate them

I got an email from Gloria Steinham telling me that, as a feminist, I should vote for Clinton. The other day Clinton said that if Iran harmed Israel, and she was president, she’d obliterate them. What’s feminist about that?