Plot is My Enemy

Mimi asked how I find time to write a blog, and I said I only write about once a month so that hardly counts. It’s spring break, and I’m writing my never-ending YA adult Tarot card novel, which is so difficult because it’s all plot driven and figuring things out. Someone once wrote that I … More Plot is My Enemy

the plot

I knew someone who couldn’t finish writing his book because he had fallen in love with his protagonist. Sometimes I fall in love with my made- up guys even though they hardly say anything and in real life I like men who can talk. I finally figured out the plot for my book, The 5 … More the plot

Three Queens

I’ve begun my young adult novel yet again. How many ways can I write the same story?  It was going to be my simple story, the one I wrote quickly, for fun. Oh, and my agent thought it would sell. Let’s be honest. The first version was disturbingly similar to the movie, The Sixth Sense. … More Three Queens

Gaza on a Sunday

> I’m writing the end of a Young Adult novel, a ghost/mystery/Tarot story. A break from my regular writing. Fun! I’m sitting on my red couch in front of a big window. Every now and then, I google Gaza, to try to find out what’s happening. Musee des Beaux Arts ~W.H. Auden About suffering they … More Gaza on a Sunday

>the deadline

I decide that I want my protagonist’s wrapping paper to be designed with some detail from the Fool card in the Tarot. I google Fool card and get an image of the card. I mess around with the image, trying to make the little circles on the fool’s shirt bigger. They would make a good … More >the deadline