Alison Clement

observations from a novelist who sometimes wants to say something small and see it published immediately

>On Living by Turkish poet, Nazim Hikmet

>My friend, Bob, sent me a poem today……. I’m posting the last stanza. This earth will grow cold,a star among stars and one of the smallest,a gilded mote on blue velvet- I mean this, our great earth.This earth will grow cold one day,not like a block of iceor a dead cloud evenbut like an empty walnut it will roll along in pitch-black space …You must grieve for this right now-you […]

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>Sister Agatha and Flannery O’Connor

> I went to Sacred Heart Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia, which is the same school that Flannery O’Connor attended. Sister Agatha was my fifth grade teacher, and I like to imagine that she once taught Flannery as well. Sister Agatha told us vivid stories about the torments of Hell. She terrified us, especially Shirley who was Protestant and, even though she was still in elementary school, had a boyfriend […]

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>The Self Absorbed Writer

My day job is at an elementary school library. I say I’m a librarian because functionally that’s what I am, but I’m not a real, honest- to- God librarian with a degree in library science. The schools don’t hire librarians like that because then they’d have to pay them a regular, middle-class wage. I read books and I write them. I don’t write children’s books although a reviewer suggested (in […]

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