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pretty old

  Yesterday a man was killed on the same road we took to the coast. Last night we passed by the place where it happened, and I thought of his family. Today I read an article about the accident. So sad, but at least he wasn’t young, I told myself. He was pretty old. Oh, he was my age.

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why aren’t you someone else?

  At a reading a man asked why I don’t write YA books and I said that I couldn’t because kids scrutinize you and I wasn’t up to it. Which was so phony. I had read that someplace. Really I didn’t know what to say. I was vaguely aware that he was being sarcastic, and told him the first thing that came to me. Why don’t you write YA books? […]

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my Afro-American club membership

I was in 5th grade when our schools were integrated. I was in 9thgrade, when the black kids started an Afro-American club at our high school, Garrett High, in Charleston, SC.  The adult sponsor of the club looked like Angela Davis.  My friend Leeann and I went to the first meeting, two little white girls. When the other members  elected us  president and vice president of the club, I looked […]

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flowers from little girls

  The little girls next door are selling flowers and when a man in a red van responds to their calls by stopping, I slow down and note his license plate number, just in case, and one of their mothers comes outside to stand on the porch, pretending to have business there. I feel sorry for men and I feel sorry for mothers and for children and all of us, […]

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> Sandy posted a picture on Facebook of me as a 14 year old. I wanted to go back and say no, don’t! I work in a public school, so I don’t think I can be more specific than that. No, don’t do those things.

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> I picked up a copy of Willamette Week at a taco shop in Portland  and what was my first thought  when I saw Willy Vlautin on the cover? Was it way to go, Willy! Nope. Was it can’t wait to read your new book! Or Yay for the Willamette Week for promoting writing!  No, no, no.  I thought, I want to be on the cover of Willamette Week. I […]

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