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another word for hell

  I was reading Night and helping plan a fundraiser for an elementary school in Gaza. I was reading Night and writing a novel that includes the Kabbalah, which is a form of mystical Judaism. The Kabbalah is also called The Tree of Life, and included in this Tree is its shadow, which is known at Qliphoth. Qlipoth is the place where all the half- formed things of creation go, […]

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Alma not representative of all Swedes

> A cool summer, but my heirloom Glaciers have been ripe for weeks. They are a Swedish tomato. I like to imagine someone gathering their tiny seeds and bringing them all the way here to grow in my little garden on 13th Street and to feed my family, who are part Swedish, too. Using Chuck’s grandmother, Alma, as my representative Swede, I always assumed that they were relaxed, uncomplicated, easily- […]

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