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The sun always shines in Algeria

It’s a mistake not to leave Oregon at least for a little while in the winter, and so we’re thinking about a trip. I’m reading A Moveable Feast. I want to go to Paris in the 20s but clearly that will not work out. When I went to Paris I met a woman named Beatrice whose apartment was full of books. She had a painting of flowers on the wall […]

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how can it be both?

Doris Lessing says that writers don’t need memoirs or biographies.The writer reveals herself through her writing. She says, for instance, that you can clearly understand Dickens by reading his novels. You can see his different personalities. His novels are a map of who he is. Scott Trurow taught himself to write by studying Dickens. Lessing is always urging us to experience life directly instead of “through a screen of theories, […]

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loving picasso

I did begin to admire Picasso, after his museum in Paris. I could see that he was trying to show the inside of things, or even sometimes (it seemed to me) the nature of form itself. I hated the displays in The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona though. Aside from one piece about Fascism and another inspired by Guy Dubord, they seemed purposefully obscure, self referential, pretentious. Hey, I’m […]

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not a very good tourist

3 July, Paris People have very small cars here, if they have a car at all. Late afternoon, men ride bicycles home, long loaves of bread tucked under their arms. I have unsuccessfully tried to figure out if a machine near my hotel is a money machine or if it a ticket or a stamp machine. Today I am going to the park, Parc’ des Buttes, to read. I found […]

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full of beauty

2 July You can walk around a corner in Paris and see an ancient Roman bathhouse, a gorgeous building or monument, a garden, a plaque that says Manet was born here. I’m in the La Villotte neighbourhood. Parc’ des Buttes Chaumont is nearby, with a cave and waterfalls. Our room is too small for the two us, but right now I’m downstairs in the garden where it is pretty and […]

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