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Watching Rhonda Honey

My agent asked me to write a summary of my new novel and here it is: Watching Rhonda Honey is about a woman who, as a foster child, saw her hopes of becoming part of a family crushed by her would-be sister’s lies. Years later, an accidental encounter offers her a chance for revenge, but only if she’s willing to risk her own chance for love. It’s a psychological novel […]

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>what happens when you have a small house

I’m at a coffee house here in Corvallis, writing, because my house is 750 square feet and Chuck is home.  I am trying to write a chapter in which my character, Tree, foreshadows the arrival of Jimmy while she and Mavis drink coffee (hey, where did I get that idea?) beside the Salmon Street water fountain in Portland, but mostly I am spying on other customers. Not that they are […]

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>internalizing repression

Today I posted the first page of my new manuscript, Watching Rhonda Honey, on my website. The first page is about being raised Catholic. I’m glad I was raised Catholic, let me say that right now. It did three things that I like. It made me psychologically complicated, which is useful for a writer. It gave me a sense of shame, which is not a bad thing, I realize now […]

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